Walking into the Wild

 Right in the beating heart of the Dutch river delta you'll find the Bommelerwaard, in our humble opinion the last undiscovered hidden gem of the Netherlands. A unique region, filled to the brim with historical towns, unspoiled nature and great architecture. Let our qualified and experienced guides take you on a thrilling hike through the four most interesting villages of the Bommelerwaard, one of the oldest Dutch regions.
What makes this journey unique and different from other tours is that you'll experience the real Holland with experienced staff. 
While enjoying views of the main rivers that cut Holland in half (and seperate the catholics from the protestants), you will be entertained with amazing stories about the rich history of the Bommelerwaard. Expect a lot of information about sheep, ghosts, dikes, religion, WW II, cheese, wooden shoes  and what other topics that come in sight.

Starting point of this relaxing day is Zaltbommel station, from where we take the bus to Alem, the starting point of the walk. With only 600 inhabitants it's one of the smaller towns in the area but still with the most beautiful scenery and views. We follow the river Maas towards the tiny settlement of Rome. It might be less spectacular than its counterpart in Italy, our Rome provides you with awesome views and a handful of beautiful cottages.

'Enjoy entertaining stories about sheep, ghosts'

Why the town of Rossum was rewarded with the lovely nickname 'Pearl of the Bommelerwaard', is easy to understand. The sturdy church, the historical castle of slot Rossum and it's many charming villas are all picture perfect. After enjoying the view of the windmill 'Vento Vivimus' in Hurwenen, it's time to hit the dikes again for the last part of this exciting trail. Along the way we pass the National Park  'de Kil' (The Kil), which is less frightening than its name might suggest. The river Waal leads us back to the station of Zaltbommel, but not before we have seen stork colonies and one of the few wineries of Holland.