Holland's Best Kept Secret

 Right in the beating heart of the Dutch river delta you'll find the Bommelerwaard, in our humble opinion the last undiscovered hidden gem of the Netherlands. A unique region, filled to the brim with historical towns, unspoiled nature and great architecture. Let our qualified and experienced guides take you on an informative bike ride through ten villages of the Bommelerwaard, one of the oldest Dutch regions.
While enjoying views of the main rivers that cut Holland in half (and seperate the catholics from the protestants), you will be entertained with amazing stories about the rich history of the Bommelerwaard. Expect a lot of information about knights, sheep, dikes, football, religion, WW II, cheese, wooden shoes, flora and fauna, tulips and what other topics that come in sight.

What makes this journey unique and different from other tours is that you'll experience the real Holland with experienced staff.  After biking the better part of the day with us, your head will be buzzing with the stories we told you. 

Discover the last hidden gem of the Netherlands

The tour starts with an easy stroll to the impressive walled town of Zaltbommel. The old ramparts, famous church and the many ghosts that living in the gutters of the historical houses are all worth discovering. After a short coffee break (not included) we start our bike tour pedaling along  winding dikes who protect us from dangers of mother nature. You have the option to stop at a local bakery for a wide range of bread and pastries. There will be enough time for photo-stops and short walks in the charming towns of Hurwenen, Rossum, Rome, Alem, Kerkdriel, Hoenzadriel, Velddriel, Hedel and Ammerzoden. The tour finishes at the idyllic setting of Castle Ammersoyen, from where we cycle back to the centre of Zaltbommel to return the bikes.